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Who We Are

TalGilju FM was an idea of the ‘Youth Section’ within ‘The Lily Band Club’ whose responsibility is to take care of annual activities for youths but also for the general public to enjoy and to help in the annual feast for ‘Our Lady of the Lilies’ which is celebrated every 3rd week of June in Mqabba. The starting point of this community radio goes back to 2007 where in October this idea was discussed between the Youth Section and Administrative Committee. After which we were selected to take care of this new initiative. After broadcasting in December 2007, this community radio really made a HIT and as a result, the listeners which followed our programme either on the radio or over the internet encouraged us to broadcast again in June 2008 for the Annual Feast of that year. Since then, broadcasts are carried out every December (For Christmas) and June (for the Annual Feast).

Apart from broadcasting twice every year we always try to come up with different ideas. Just to mention a few, in June 2008 we used cameras on the outside of the village square and inside our church so that elderly persons and relatives who live abroad could still enjoy the feast through live broadcasts. All our broadcasts are streamed live over the Internet for free for the same purpose.

In December 2009, for the first time, we have included a radio marathon within our schedule to raise money to help the radio station itself and also the band club which was going to celebrate the centenary anniversary in 2011. This marathon was repeated in the subsequent years in December. Last December, also marked a first not just in the history of our radio by even in the Malta Record as Edwin Gatt and Emmanuel Briffa managed to broadcast for 62 consecutive hours, making them the first Maltese people to hold the record of the highest number of broadcasting hours without interruptions.

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